View from a Moving Platform (Digital Strategy & Trends)
Instructor: Eddie Revis, Executive Strategy Director at Collins
Date: 11/17/16

Participants will discuss various visions and definitions of ‘digital’ including its importance and connection to future work. Employees will gain insight into both why they need to evolve their skills and how digital is connected to 21st century marketing. This class will cover the history of digital, current and future state as well as mindset needs for working in the space.


Shiny Shareable Content (Content Strategy)
Instructor: Kaleb Ruel, Director, Strategic Marketing Initiatives at Spotify
Date: 12/07/16

This class will focus on dynamic content strategy - how and why ideas get shared, promoted and passed along. Through deconstruction of recent digital ideas in brand marketing, attendees will walk away with an enhanced understanding of a brand's content mission, targets and touch points, strategies to achieve maximum reach, and the ability to create a content strategy map of their own.