A Sampling of our Workshops

Platforms & Practice
This class will include an overview of social media platforms and tools that have the power
to be truly transformative. We will focus on current platforms that can dramatically improve consumer engagement. By reviewing case studies and diving into some high traffic platforms hands-on, we will show how to unlock the possibilities of these platforms (+ video) and tools to effectively communicate with consumers.

Get the L-E-A-D out

What makes an effective leader in today’s competitive agency environment? Many think that great leaders are born, but at smith & beta we believe that ‘people management’ is a teachable trait. In this course we focus on ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP, with flexibility, empathy, judgment, and self-awareness, among other learnable elements.

Customer Journey

This class will focus on the importance of engagement strategy and user journeys in identifying the intersection of relevant consumer touch points with digital ideas and messages. All participants will gain a clear understanding of the definition, use, and application of journeys. This content provides participants with a clear understanding of one of the most useful deliverables in digital for mapping adoption, interaction, and preferences of consumers.


This class teaches the basics of prototyping digital ideas within multidisciplinary teams. We will demonstrate why this process is valuable throughout the lifecycle of a project. Co-Sprints is all about applying methods such as agile, sprints and simple prototyping (paper, etc.) - learning how to prototype.

Chasing Courage
This class is designed to begin to understand and build one’s capacity to approach challenges more bravely. We’ll explore the origins of Courage, where it comes from as a virtue and its value in the 21st century business climate. The content is built to challenge participants in small, conscious ways through active participation and slightly uncomfortable, novel situations to confidently navigate.

Outside Firsts  
You are probably already thinking about new technologies, behaviors and marketplace trends that will affect products and services - but how can you leverage them to address your needs? We will discuss what questions to ask and research to do in order to identify brand weaknesses, stay on the pulse of market changes and determine the effects of innovation on your products and services.