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In today’s rapidly changing digital space, it pays to be in the room with the people directing it. Through monthly workshops curated by top industry leaders, we equip attendees with the skills needed to not just stay relevant, but innovate.

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Upcoming Workshops

Our content touches upon key skill areas at the forefront of digital. To sign up, please contact us at 

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Quarter 1

FEBRUARY 28, 2017
w/ Dan Fox, Local Motors

This workshop focuses on the importance and relevance of AI in marketing and advertising. In this interactive class participants will build a chat bot and will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how AI can be applied to their work with teams and clients. In addition to discussing the role of AI in the future, Dan will share his experiences from his work with the IBM Watson team to build intelligence into a self-driving electric bus.

MARCH 23, 2017
Digital Signal and Noise
w/ Kip Voytek, Rumblefox

In every industry, firms are wasting resources, energy, and precious time chasing trends - digital things that feel urgent but which don’t map back to business needs, aren’t adding value for consumers, and simply aren’t mature enough to focus on.  By focusing on the deeper shifts and behaviors, you can better focus your energies, make smarter decisions, and ready your company for future challenges more effectively.  Software continues to eat the world and most of us are running into walls.  Separating the signal from the noise can put you in charge of your digital future.


Quarter 2

APRIL 27, 2017
Creative as Craft
w/ Paul Caiozzo, Office of Baby

How has creative evolved? We’ll explore the “new creative” by providing details of the evolution of craft, talent and contribution. We’ll explore elements of great creative in digital and how teams evolve and work in different ways to arrive at those ideas. Participants will focus on moving towards leveraging digital and technology, defining how work changes and shifts.

MAY 24, 2017
Making for the Tiny Screen
w/ Scott Prindle, Made Movement

This workshop will focus on how mobile is affecting the ability for brands to communicate with consumers in more meaningful ways, and how it can be leveraged to facilitate and support the proliferation of shareable ideas. We will explore what is important for agencies to know about mobile right now and why. We’ll also dig into mobile innovation, making in small teams, and sketch mobile prototypes (using provided templates) to produce strategies and ideas for clients.

JUNE 22, 2017
Trying & Applying
w/ Robert Mooney, Buzzfeed

This class will focus on the role data evaluation and analysis plays in content strategy. This class provides an overview of various types of digital data sources, analysis tools, platforms (e.g. social listening), digital insight collection methodologies, and how to find patterns and discover insights previously not unearthed by traditional research methodologies. Participants will have a hands-on opportunity to present digital ideas using methodologies learned in class.

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CoED is a subscription-based platform dedicated to keeping digital advertisers and marketers up to speed with the skills and trends at the forefront of the industry. And we make it easy by bringing monthly interactive workshops right to your neighborhood. Led in-person by top digital influencers, these hands-on sessions will grow your business by developing the skills needed to take on tomorrow’s digital space.


What you Get

  •   Access to in-person, monthly workshops on cutting-edge content
  •   Training from industry leaders from across the country
  •   Seat allocations for employees, vendors or clients
  •   External POV on industry trends and best practices
  •   Input into workshop content offerings

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